Another option to share your favorites is to utilize the digital Pimp Blogger extension. This particular extension works like a simple WordPress blog and has all of the same functionality that you would find with the regular version. In fact, some of the porn communities that you find online use this extension to display the latest gifs in addition to the usual responses from other users. For example, if you are enjoying one of the newest submissions from the porn community New Sensations, then you can simply click on the link and view the latest digital Pimp Video.

Some people like to use tumblr to share their gif’s, as well as other social networking sites. You can simply search for tumblr links on some of the larger porn sites, such as fourSquare or methane. After you have posted the GIF on your tumblr account, you will then be able to view it on your social networking profiles. The great thing about this option is that you can also customize your porn is by adding text and images of your choosing.

Probably the best part about all of these options is that each of them is completely up to you! It really depends on what you are looking to share with the world, what kind of reaction you are hoping for and how much time you are willing to spend putting it all together. Porn gifs can be used at any time of day, and are often used for many different types of posts on the internet. Whether you are enjoying a new trend on 4chan or you are laughing at an offensive joke on twitter, there is no stopping you from using porn gifs!